January 7, 2012

Not the John Lennon song by any means, but reality for millions of people.   Welcome to the real world.

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Terrorism Is In The Eye of The Beholder

July 6, 2011

Stefan Molyneux from the mighty www.freedomainradio.com – we cannot recommend his work highly enough.  If this video does not make you reconsider “the world as you know it”, you are either a  fully aware info warrior, or beyond all hope. Everybody Else – “Take the #Red Pill” -wake up!

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US Ramp Up Illegal Drone Wars – Stirring Hornet’s Nest

June 21, 2011

Sentinel (drone) activity is not only increasing in the US, but the never-ending “wars against terror” are actually killing up to 140x as many times civilians as terrorists, and undoubtedly cause such extremes of anger in local peoples that many more join up with every new civilian outrage, than the US ever manages to eliminate.  More, [...]

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