Police Shoot Peaceful USMC Iraq Veteran @ Occupy Demo

by Morpheus on October 29, 2011 · 0 comments

USMC Iraq veteran Scott Olsen was shot in the head from close range with a tear gas canister by California Police two days ago and is severely injured in hospital with a fractured scull. He is critical but stable, and unable to speak, and possibly needing brain surgery.

Clearly the American Fall is now gathering pace across the country, despite authorities continuing efforts, including confiscating generators and heaters from NY protesters, just as a snow storm draws in.

It is interesting how an ex-marine’s life/health seems to matter more than a non-veteran being shot in the head at close range with a 1kg gas canister, but of course his military and ex-military brethren are correct to be utterly incensed by the routine Police brutality whilst “protecting and serving” the public, even if it unfortunately needed one of their own to be on the receiving end before the truth truly hits home of what the country they were ultimately willing to lay down their lives for if required, has actually become.

Our thoughts are with Scott, his family, friends,  and every single human being out there standing up for what is right.

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